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Classroom management is often the number one concern of new teachers. Every issue is a little different, but there are common elements to all of them. Check below to see if one of your questions has already been answered!

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Happy elementary school boy student with blue recycling bin

Should I rotate my classroom rules monitors?
What do our students gain from classroom jobs?
How do we manage jobs for greatest impact?

Elementary school boy student worried about drugs

My student is worried about drug use in his home. What should I do?
Safe and drug-free schools help students achieve

Elementary school girl student raising hand in ideal classroom set up

This classroom floor plan hampers visually-impaired students
Optimizing your room for students with disabilities

Elementary school sad boy student leaning against brick wall

This little boy gets in others' personal space
Using a teachable moment to help a student make friends

Bored elementary school student reading text book

An advanced student who's bored and misbehaving
Individualizing classroom management responses for engagement

Characteristics of gifted students make them good peer-to-peer teachers

Gifted students who finish first
Extending learning for advanced students

Verbal bullying during elementary school transitions

Verbal bullying during transitions
Eliminating idle time to manage behavior

Girls bullying in elementary school cause loneliness

Girls bullying
Understanding social pressures and when to "tell"

Magnifying glass looking for ADHD in the classroom clues

ADHD in the classroom
We don't "diagnose"...but we do investigate and communicate

Teacher helping girls who are friends in elementary school

Facilitating friends in school
Caring for your lonely learners

Shy children in elementary school

Shy children and group projects
Helping your students fit in and thrive

Elementary science activities result in explosion

Successful elementary science groups
Managing frustration while encouraging innovation

Children walking

"I'm afraid to take over a classroom!"
How to overcome fear to provide children in a Title buidling what they need

Children walking

6th graders won't learn and won't listen
How to re-engage misbehaving intermediate students in school and homework

Betsy Weigle elementary teacher resources

Lessons learned from room management Q&A
Betsy's thoughts about your next steps to success

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